Pòrtol is a collection of serving tiles inspired on the traditional tiling in Mallorca. There is a strong tradition in Mallorca where they make tiles by hand and paint them in different Mediterranean colors.

Pòrtol plates will be an addition to the standard tableware what can be used for appetizers, deserts, side dishes, tapas, serving plates as for instance a cheese plate etc.

The plates can get released in different color options inspired by the typical Mediterranean colors like deep Marine Blue or Sea-Green but always with white in the base.

Scroll down and you’ll find images of Pòrtol to give you a clear idea of the plates. As well I added photo’s of the environment the plates get made.

In case you’re interested, it’s not in production yet, and I’m looking for a company to bring it in production. Recommendations appreciated.


© 2017 Niels Datema


The white base collection of Pòrtol exciting out of 13 objects.

The deep Marine Blue color collection of Pòrtol, a playfull contrast between a real mediterranean color and white.

And the Sea-Green color collection of Pòrtol, like Marine Blue, a strong mediterranean color as well.

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