Love to Share; Tableware especially designed for shared dining at high level.

Shared dining is the new hype. Worldwide people share food, from Asia to Spain. This new hype is also spreading in the Netherlands. But it is not yet done in Michelin Star restaurants. This is what Beluga Loves You, a restaurant with two Michelin Stars, wanted to change. Chef and owner Hans van Wolde asked me to develop a new tableware especially for shared dining at a high level. Love to Share gets produced and market by Serax Maison d’être.

Love to Share

Love to Share

The tableware line called ‘Love to Share’ is based on the principle of shared dining. This popular but still new way of serving dishes in Michelin star restaurants brings guests closer together by sharing their dishes. Everybody eats from the shared dishes on the table.

The design and materials of ‘Love to Share’ are pure, natural and easy to handle. This tableware consists of two parts; a base of dark Portuguese cork (available in three different heights), which raises the minimalistic porcelain plate on top to a higher level. The combination of different heights and sizes of the base and plates isn’t only for the beauty, it also creates an interesting and stylish variation on the table. Using the separated parts, the dishes can easily be moved closer to the guests, increasing the dining experience. The complete set gives a total new sense of dining.


Because Love to Share consists of different parts, I designed matching trays to serve the dishes in an easy way. The trays, also available in different sizes and colors, are completing the Love to Share concept, all the way from kitchen to the table. And you can off course also use the trays as decoration on your dinner table.


In addition to the ‘Love to Share’ tableware line and to complement the tableware with robust yet natural materials, I designed a set of placemats. The solid placemats are available in different colors and sizes and can be used in different ways. Don’t hide a table under tablecloth or table runners but create a playful palette using these placemats. The appearance of a nice table is preserved with these elegant placemats.

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